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Dedicated to the DIY food plotter

We've been planting food plots for almost a decade, in 2016 we started planting food plots as part of a business in Northern Michigan due to customer demand.  We kept getting asked to plants food plots because customers kept stating that the process of deciding what to plant is overwhelming.  Customers routinely state that they go to the food plot seed aisle at the store and just see pictures of big bucks with fancy names and have no idea what they're looking at and they get overwhelmed. 

We have always thought it best to plant what the soil wants to grow.  Over the years we've developed a system that bases seed selection on the soil PH, dampness, shade, game species, time of year, specific use, and a few other factors when choosing what to plant.  We then source local seed and mix a custom batch of seed for each food plot.  

This has always been done in person as part of a site visit, but during the Spring 2020 pandemic lockdown we were getting inundated with calls from our customers asking what they can plant while we weren't deemed an essential business.  I began doing phone consultations and realized the need for Food Plot RX.  We can now share our expertise throughout the United States with the DIY Food Plotters that just need a little guidance.

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